Robert Dean is a name that sparks instant respect within the Formula 1 and automotive worlds having worked closely with Bernie Ecclestone for over 24 years managing his famous car collections and overseeing their worldwide appearances.

John England, who owns and manages cabung, was overjoyed when Robert Dean offered to endorse cabung, appearing on the front of the new cabung website. Robert has been looking for some sort of car tidy to use in his Bentley, but had never found a car product or prestige car accessory that reflected the Bentley’s quality.

Robert Dean has seen many unusual car accessories and automotive products over the years that he has worked with Bernie Ecclestone and goes on to explain that cabung is genuinely the most effective and practical solution to creating a ‘car wedge’ that prevents you losing items down the side of your car seats. Moreover, Robert was surprised just how much the cabung contributes to the car’s ergonomics whilst enhancing the interior.

Today saw John meeting up with Peter Critchell who runs Kent Ferrari for a meeting with Robert Dean at a local hotel in Kent. The aim was to show Robert some of the recent bespoke cabung products that John England has completed for his clients. Specifically, the design of a bespoke cabung to be fitted to a Ferrari 488 Pista Piloti of which only 11 are in the UK and just 52 worldwide!

John was keen to show both Peter Critchell and Robert Dean the support materials and customer care products that cabung provide. Indeed, John England had come to Kent to personally install the bespoke cabungs that had been recently ordered by his prestige car owners.

Whilst John England has immense faith and passion in his unusual car accessory, he has been overwhelmed by the huge response from both supercar and prestige car owns and dealers across the UK looking for a type of car tidy that acts a s a car wedge . The Southeast of the UK has more Ferrari owners than anywhere else in the UK making it a great place to promote the prestige  car accessory.

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