Cabung – Emergency – Doctor

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The cabung Emergency Services range offers a single sleeve colour using the recognised ‘reflective green’ canvas with matching stitching. The embroidered lettering is in either blue or green depending on the Emergency Service type. Typically, the NHS and the Police service are in blue with the Fire services being in red.

Image and text upload facility

Please select your options, above, and then add them to the basket. You can then view your shopping CART. From the CART, you can upload images of your LOGO and TEXT. We suggest that you 'screen grab' the text you want and upload this to us please as this will be used for both embossing and text printing.

Emergency Services

Unlike the other cabung text and image upload selection options, you do not need to do anything. We will automatically add the recognised type face and colour for you.


Each purchase includes two cabungs for your vehicle's front seats supplied in your chosen colour and text/stitching/debossed options. The cabung pack consists of the two outer sleeves with your personal options embroidered, stitched or debossed. Each cabung sleeve has an inner inflatable tube inserted into it. Once inserted into the sleeve, the cabung is placed between  your front seats and the centre console. You then gently pump up the cabung until it fills the gap. Should you wish to remove the cabung for cleaning, simply press the air release valve on the pump and remove.

When placing your order, you simply select your material option followed by your text colour, stitching colour or the debossed option. Once added to the ‘CART’ you will be prompted to upload either a graphic of your logo or an image of the text you require along with any instructions you may have. Please note that with regard tto your text options, very fine serif type faces may not be possible. You can call our team at any time for advice.

Time is vital and if small important items fall down between the front seats whilst on a call, it can cause major issues. The cabung prevents these types of incidents. In addition, where unmarked cars are being used by the Police, Fire Services, Doctor on call or private ambulances, the ‘Hi-Vis’ cabung can be instantly placed in the vehicles windscreen on top of the dashboard to alert the public/Traffic Wardens of their presence.

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