We get lots of cabung stories being sent to us but this one caught our eye. Molly from Kent has just purchased a new house and moved in during lockdown. If that was not enough, she also purchased a new Mercedes A Class AMG 180D as well and took delivery during lockdown. On top of that she runs a dance school which has continued to work through lockdown!
See: Molly Marsh Dance

The amazing thing was that Molly’s main objective was to purchase two different sets of cabungs to suit her cars interior. The interior has black leather and Alcantara seats with red stitching. However, the main reason Molly wanted the Mercedes A Class AMG was due to it amazing night-time illuminations option.

Molly’s favourite dash colour is the dark pink so she also ordered a set of cabungs in a matching pink with Mercedes debossed in the leather. She uses the pink cabungs at night as the pink dash lights enhance the cabungs colour and the black leather and red stitching cabungs in the day!


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