Previous cabung BLOGS have given details on the numerous prestige automotive dealers now looking to cabung for their prestige car accessories and in particular, anything that can act as car seat gap filler. Today John England visited Kent High Performance Cars accompanied by Peter Critchell of Kent Ferrari. KHPC, formerly The Ferrari Centre are one of the most established supercar dealers in the UK and were very impressed with cabung and the benefits it offers their clients. 

Whilst at KHPC, John England was asked to fit one of his unusual car accessories to a pre-owned Ferrari 458 Spider in white. Whilst visiting KHPC, John and Peter bumped into Peter and Suzan Everingham who are very well respected throughout the UK Ferrari community for their work with The Ferrari Owners Club UK. Both Peter and Suzanne were impressed with the cabung products and watched John fitted a set to the Ferrari 458 Spider. They commented on the prestige car seat wedge as being unique in its quality and apperance.


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