Peter Critchell has run Kent Ferrari, as the official area organiser, for over thirty years. As such, he is not a stranger to new car accessories and ideas that get presented to him all the time by so many new automotive businesses.

John England, who owns and runs cabung, was overjoyed when Peter Critchell ordered a set of cabungs’ for his Ferrari F430 with a tan leather interior. Peter Critchell first discovered cabung at the London Classic Car Show when looking for a ‘car wedge’ style interior car accessory to prevent items dropping down by his seats. Peter was hosting the Ferrari Owner’s Club stand at the show and many of the owners who visited the show, embraced cabung with many follow up orders for this unusual car accessory.

Peter Critchell is the proud owners of a gleaming yellow Ferrari F430 Spider with a tan leather interior. The Ferrari F430 is a few years old and despite its low mileage, the leather changes colour with time and NOT in a unformed process. As a spider, the top of the vehicle’s seats get more exposure to the sun, as does the steering wheel resulting in subtle colour changes. John England offers a full bespoke colour matching service as part of the ‘cabung bespoke’ package and had previously visited peter to inspect his Ferrari. Peter was keen to point out that cabung has created a whole new meaning to th eterm, luxury car accessories!



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