This week saw John England of ‘cabung’ on a ‘cabung’ road trip visiting people around the South East who have invested in the ‘cabung’ system and were happy to be featured in our website. Over the coming weeks we will post various videos from that road trip.

Two stories jumped out at John which involved two separate organisations who had ‘cabungs’ fitted to their fleet of commercial vans! The first was a Facilities Management company who send their service vans all over London. Their corporate ethos is one of cleanliness, efficiency and professional services. However, they were concerned over their vans looking messy with the rubbish that was being caught between the very deep and narrow seat gaps making it hard to retrieve. In addition, the van drivers had to regularly use their mobiles to call into their HQ’s and would often drop them down the seat gaps whilst attempting to make a telephone call, eat their lunch and write notes on their iPads all at the same time! Clearly ‘cabung’ solved many issues and thus, they were fitted to every van!

In much the same set of circumstances, we found a cleaning company who covers the whole of the South East who had also installed the ‘cabung’ system to all their cleaning vans. The MD of First-Class Cleaning Services commented that “if we can’t clean our own vans, how can we expect clients to trust us in cleaning their offices?”

Following our visit to the Facilities Management company, I was called back to Peter Critchell of Kent Ferrari to fit a set of ‘cabungs’ to his Smart Car. Following that I visited a beauty treatments lady and finally on to a Jaguar F-Pace installation!


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