I wanted to create a post about my visit to The Festival Italia at Brands Hatch this weekend and how I came to be involved. Going back to The London Classic Car Show 2020, I was visited on my exhibition stand by both Peter Critchell and David Marsh of Kent Ferrari. Soon after I found myself fitting my cabungs to the member’s cars at the show. Indeed, I was amazed at the response from the Ferrari and supercar owners to my automotive product.

David Marsh of Kent Ferrari runs a B2B Creative business which includes professional web design and marketing services. Both David and Peter convinced me that cabung should be promoted to prestige dealers and clients looking for a high-quality solution to preventing items falling down the side of their car seats.

David and Peter have provided their support in promoting cabung to their contacts and the prestige automotive dealer network which proved to be extremely successful. I have been thrilled that these high-end dealers view cabung as a product that they want to be involved with and are looking for ideas on how to integrate cabung within their organisations.

Like all products, they need promoting and I saw Peter Critchell’s F1 Show Car as a great way to draw attention to cabung. Indeed, the F1 Show car proved to do just that at The Festival Italia Show and the response was overwhelming.

I was pleased to see Tim again from Tunbridge Wells Lamborghini, whom I had previously met at his wonderful dealership and showed him my new cabung brochures. I also fitted a cabung to the new Lamborghini Urus with a matching dark grey Alcantara material with yellow stitching.

I had a good chat with Syed from The Drivers Union and will catching up with him soon to discuss ideas on how to present cabung to his members.

The day was full of high points but the icing on the cake was temporally leaving the show for a meeting with a local Ferrari dealer to look at how we can work together on cabung.

I was asked by many of the show visitors if they could purchase a set of cabungs on the day. However, I had to direct them to my website where they can customise their cabungs and purchase them via our e-commerce section.

Take a look: cabung sales

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