The people at cabung build unusual car accessories  for people who need them! That is to say that, cabung  listen to their  feedback and comments made by potential clients looking for automotive accessories or car seat gap fillers.

Some time ago an existing cabung client, who just happened to be a GP met the guys from cabung  at the London Classic Car Show at Olympia. He was praising his cabung and how it had saved him wasting time on many occasions when he was out visiting his elderly patients. He commented that the cabung was the best ‘car tidy’ product he had every seen.

He went on to say that one of his problems with visiting patients who were within the inner-city environment was that he often received parking tickets despite having his small windscreen notice stating that he was a Doctor.

This got us thinking that we could create a cabung that was fluorescent with ‘DOCTOR ON CALL’ embroidered on it. You could place it in the windscreen when on call and that way, it would be extremely hard to miss to any ambitious parking attendant.

Thus, the cabung emergency range was created offering all of the usual cabung benefits plus the ability to place the cabung on your dashboard when on call!




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